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Inktober day 24 – chop

Inktober day 24 – chop

Studio Lisa

I figured, chopping up a cup of coffee wasn’t that interesting. So I started thinking of other meanings of the word. Then I came up with ‘chop-chop’, like hurry up.
I figured this was very suiting for living life in this time and era. I especially can relate with my life as a freelance creative. The light is never out, even when it’s the middle of the night. I am always working, even in my sleep I tend to think/dream over things I need to work on. I drink coffee to keep me going a lot of the time! So I added in a couple of espresso cups. That’s what this illustration portraits for me. Can you relate?
Aside from that, I love my life and job and couldn’t wish for anything more! Only sometimes, when I look at it closely, it can be kind of crazy 😉


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