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Inktober day 1 – poisonous

So this will be the first time that I am going to join Inktober! If you want to know what Inktober is, you can check it out on their official website: Inktober

I am joining this year because I want to challenge myself to illustrate something everyday and come up with some cool concepts. The main focus of my Inktober will be COFFEE. I will use all the words of the original prompt list of 2018 and combine them with coffee. For me a general subject helps me to create a cohesive project which I will want to finish.

With this Inktober challenge I want to show my versatility as an artist. I am going to use all kinds of different medium to create completely different artworks. Which is not the original way Inktober is supposed to be done (if you have already read their rules) But Inktober is also: “about growing and improving and forming positive habits.” That’s what it is about for me.

I will post an illustration + proces video everyday on my instagram and an image on this blog.


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