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Inktober day 26 – Stretch

Inktober day 26 – Stretch

Studio Lisa

So this took me ages to finish!

One of my first times illustrating a complete scene. And digital as well. Something I am definitely not that comfortable with yet. But I really love this way of creating something.
The nice thing about digital illustration is, it’s okay to make mistakes because there is command + z to always rely on. Whenever you put an element in a certain place or in a certain colour which you don’t like, you just move or change it! For someone who is more used to traditional medium, this is brilliant.

For me this illustration shows my life as a visual concept developer/illustrator/freelancer/entrepeneur/girlboss, whatever you want to call it. It’s simply amazing but so chaotic as well. Trying to fit the mold, be a plantlover (because Pinterest and Instagram say that’s the right thing to do). Work from home, but make sure you workout everyday, do some yoga poses. In the mean time, paint a masterpiece, email your clients, check your finances, be social and please make sure you keep on getting liked on instagram!

It’s an amazing way to live life, but the presure can be a lot sometimes. Take that time to enjoy you chocolate, your coffee or just a moment for you. Not caring what it will do for your business, but just care for what it will do for you!

I would love to know what you think of this style and if I should make some more of this?



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