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Editorial illustration – ETZ hospital

Advertisement illustration

Studio Lisa

I got the opportunity to create a conceptual illustration for a symposium which is arranged by ETZ, a Dutch hospital.
This illustration is made for the symposium with the theme: I spy with my little eye (ik zie, ik zie, wat jij niet ziet?) and it’s all about what seeing things from a different perspective can do.
There will be a very interesting speaker coming, the illusionist: @victor_mids
These conceptual illustrations are my favorite projects. I would like to take you with me through the proces for a little bit!

First I got the subject I had to work with. From this subject I started to create a simple moodboard, which you can see here:

After I made this moodboard I started to create some sketches. I made several, and wrote down a lot of thoughts about the subject in between the sketches. This is what I call, the braindump – nothing pretty, just putting my thoughts on paper.



When this fase is over, I start to work out some sketches more nicely. I will just show you a couple of them. For this step I used Procreate on my ipad.


So then I put them all in one file with the explanation behind the concept (it’s in Dutch since the client was Dutch as well).

This one is the one they chose. They seemed really happy right away so I could get started!

I also added a colour palette in the booklet to show them my ideas for the illustration.


So then the last step, I had to create the style of the illustration. I decided to keep on using procreate to make this illustration.
you can see that I also added something extra. I wanted to create a little illusion in the illustration, which you might not see right away. I zoomed in on it so you can see what I mean. It’s his ear in the shape of his face. A little detail that I really liked because it fitted the concept of the symposium perfectly!

If you would like to see a timelapse video of this illustration you can check it here:


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